Does your chat end when Apex Action is called from Einstein Bot

September 18, 2018

Unable to call an action from Salesfore Einstein Bot? Bot crashes when trying to fire Apex Actions? If you are one of those who is wondering why your Einstein Bot embedded live chat is ending the moment an Apex Action is fired or a dynamic choice is used, then you are not alone.

This happens because of one of the 2 below reasons:

  1. There is an exception in your Apex Class
  2. Your bot is unable to access the Apex Class

You can easily find and fix exceptions with the help of debug logs, but to fix the permission issue, lets meet the lesser known permission set sfdc.chatbot.service.permset.

This is a permission set that gets created behind the scenes once you enable Einstein Bots. So what exactly does this permission set do? This controls the Objects and Apex Classes your bot can access in this org.

So whenever you want to use an Apex Class in the context of a bot, make sure that you have granted the permission in the above permission set. Same goes for all the Objects that you plan to use in your bot.

Problem still not resolved? Comment below and I will help you fix it.

For more information on Einstein Bots, download the cookbook from here - I personally found this very helpful.