Preparing for Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification

March 27, 2018

No different from any other consultant exam, you will face a lot of scenario based questions where most of the times, you will have to choose more than 1 correct answer. The options can get quite confusing unless you are really strong in your understanding of various concepts in Marketing Cloud.

Here are some links I have gone through which helped me crack the exam:

First, no preparation starts without Trailhead, so make sure you go through all the modules related to Marketing Cloud. Importantly, the below ones.

Next, these two study notes have everything you need to know, well explained and neatly organized into sections which align with the Official Study guide. Ensure you read through these in and out.

And finally, here is a link to a brilliantly written 7-Part prep series by Anup Arora (again, aligned with the sections in the Official Study Guide) which can help you further strengthen your understanding on Marketing Cloud.

All the best!